12th March 2012- The SRA is proud to announce that Too Good To Waste has won Best Campaign at the Climate Week Awards.

SRA’s Too Good To Waste campaign wins top award


posted by Stephanie Landymore on 10th October, 2011

Our campaign’s been picked up all over the press! Here are just a couples of articles from the BBC and the Evening Standard.

Here are some of your comments in response to the BBC article:

“On the rare occasion I don’t finish my plate, I always ask for the leftovers to be boxed or bagged and so have most people I’ve ever eaten with. I didn’t realise until reading this article that there was any kind of national hang-up about it!!”

“We always ask for any leftover meat to be wrapped up for our cat (although we have been known to eat it ourselves at home). We even asked in the famous Rules Restaurant in London, and received the remainder of our glorious rib of beef in a little Rules carrier bag. The waiters may not offer, but we have never been treated badly when asking.”

“Perhaps if restaurants stated on their menus that ‘take home boxes’ were available on request, people would be more inclined to ask. Obviously they wouldn’t be offered at ‘all you can eat’ buffets – people would take too much advantage.”

“You’ve paid for it, so why shouldn’t you take it away. You wouldn’t leave half a bottle of wine behind!!”

“I always ask for a doggie bag in the UK. Partly because as I’ve paid for the food I don’t want to waste it. Most USA restaurants offer some sort of bag/box if there are any left overs. Most of the food heats up fine .. or if you have teenagers they eat it cold.. win win all the way round :)

“I think its a huge compliment to the establishment that you can’t bear to waste such good food. I’m always asking to take the food away as I always seem to over order. None of the restaurants I eat at, (and I eat at some very good ones), have any reservations about boxing up my dinner. My partner works in Hospitality, I’m not a glutton, but perhaps it’s all in the way you ask.”

“I usually clear my plate completely, but when I can’t, I do ask for a doggy bag because I hate wasting good food. The only time I don’t ask is when I don’t want to see the food again! The more posh the restaurant is, the better chance your request for doggy bag is received warmly because they can see you really enjoyed their food and they appreciate it. I would too if I was the chef!”


The Big Launch

posted by Stephanie Landymore on 6th October, 2011

Too Good To Waste launched with a big free lunch in St John’s Square, Clerkenwell on Wednesday 5th October. Cooked by acclaimed chefs and restaurateurs Bruno Loubet and Anna Hansen, the delicious meals were made up entirely of great food that would otherwise have gone to waste. The launch received a volley of press coverage – here’s the video coverage from BBC London News throughout the day. Watch this space – more to come!

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