Restaurants get involved

Engaging with your customers is vital to the success of the campaign – 83% of the public would ask for a doggy box but don’t think they can or are too embarrassed.

If your restaurant already offers doggy boxes or bags, you can still be involved by signing up to Too Good To Waste and receiving a FREE Supporter’s Pack.

The Supporter’s Pack helps communicate the Too Good To Waste message to staff and customers and put good practice into action. It contains media and marketing tools along with many useful tips and advice for reducing all types of food waste.

You can sign up for the campaign here…
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Supporters Pack
1. Initiating a food waste audit is a great first step in managing food waste. Separate your food waste each day (for two or three days) into three waste streams (spoilage’, ‘plate’ and ‘prep’ waste ), weigh and record the contents. Understanding the weight and composition of your food waste will enable you to more effectively reduce food waste and to accurately calculate the cost of food waste collection. Unilever Food Solutions have partnered with us to create a complete waste audit and waste reducing toolkit – use it to get started!
External link to Unilever's waste toolkit resources

2. You can implement some or all of these measures to reduce food waste:
- Plan seasonal menus to reduce spoilage and food miles.
- Ensure your kitchen only orders what it needs, minimising spoilage.
- Maintain your knife skills and become confident with nose-to-tail cooking.
- Try keeping the skin on produce like potato chips and roast pumpkin.
- Use cuttings, peel & excess supply to make pickles, marmalade & stocks.
- Offer to wrap food for customers to take home, thereby minimising plate waste.
- Consider offering different portion sizes, including children’s menu.
- Make a note of food that is consistently returned uneaten.

3. Ideally, your remaining food waste should either be used for onsite composting and anaerobic digestion or collected by a sustainable waste collection service.

Restaurants can sign up for the campaign here to receive the Supporter’s Pack. Please get in touch if you have any queries or questions regarding signing up or the Supporter’s Pack. For information about waste-audits or if you would like to sign up for one, please email [email protected]