Info for Diners

Be a lover, not a leaver

For every meal you eat in a restaurant, an average of half a kilo of food is wasted. But you can play a part in reducing this. A quarter of the consumers we spoke to believed restaurants were not allowed to provide doggy bags or boxes, but this isn’t the case. And some of us have been too embarrassed to ask, but we shouldn’t be. Lots of chefs would take it as a compliment!

We want to see doggy boxes as much part of the dining experience here as doggy bags are in the US. When you’ve ordered, enjoyed and paid for a meal, why leave half of it on the plate when you can take it home and enjoy it the next day?

Doggy boxes are only part of the solution. As a diner you can do more to help restaurants cut waste. If you think a main might be a bit too large for your appetite, don’t be shy to order two or three small starters instead or consider the smaller portion where a choice is offered.

Showing leftovers some love, not leaving them behind, means savings for your pocket and the planet.

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