Tips for Participants

In order to ensure the safe handling of food left on diner’s plates, restaurants should continue to observe UK food hygiene regulations use common sense and follow these recommendations:

It is recommended that no food containing shellfish or rice is taken away in the Take Me Home Box.

Seal the food in the Take Me Home box as soon as the diner makes the request and if they are not leaving the restaurant straight away keep it cool (preferably in the fridge.)

When you present the diner with their doggy box, show them the safe handling instructions printed on the Too Good to Waste boxes:

• Refrigerate within 2 hours
• Consume within 48 hours
• Reheat to piping hot throughout in a suitable container.

Please note the following disclaimer: Restaurants prepare food in strict accordance with UK food hygiene regulations. This restaurant does not assume any responsibility for food consumed off the premised; this is the sole responsibility of the customer.

By becoming a participator of this campaign you are pledging to train staff too offer the boxes to diners who have left food on their plate. If you feel that this is not possible we have created the following sentence which you could add to your website, menus and literature:

We serve big portions as some of our customers prefer that, however if you have food left at the end of your meal, please ask us for a Take Me Home Box so you can enjoy all of your meal at your own leisure.