Diners get involved

Research into consumer perceptions has highlighted that embarrassment is the main reason why diners may not ask to take their leftovers home.

But there is no need to be embarrassed – in fact chefs love it – they have spent time and skill preparing your meal and don’t want to see it go in the bin!.

If you have paid for food and not managed to eat all of it, why shouldn’t you take it home and enjoy it later that night when you are feeling peckish or even enjoy it for lunch the next day? In the USA it is the done thing and it is second nature to have a container for leftovers not only for the restaurant but also the consumer.
Let’s aim to make it the done thing in Oxfordshire, ask for your ‘Take Me Home’ boxes at any of the participating restaurants listed on our website, today!
The only question is whether it’s going to be a midnight feast, cheeky brunch or tomorrow’s lunch?

Oxfordshire County Council have started the Too Good to Waste Oxfordshire Campaign with the aim to reduce food waste and make it second nature for any diner in a restaurant to ask for the ‘Take Me Home’ box. We aim to recruit 100 restaurants to participate in the campaign and we will give away 25,000 ‘Take Me Home’ boxes over the year to participating restaurants. In return they will remain committed to reducing food waste and train their staff to ask diners, where possible, if they would like a ‘Take Me Home’ box. So if you see them listed our website, you do not need to fear about not cleaning your plate as they will be able to provide you with a ‘Take Me Home’ box for your leftovers!

There’s more you can do…
1. Think portion size. Perhaps order a couple of starters in place of a main.

2. Eat at restaurants that support the Too Good to Waste Oxfordshire campaign. Use our interactive map to locate supporting restaurants near you.

3. Send us your favourite leftovers recipes – with photos.

4. Tell us about the restaurants you’d like to see getting behind the campaign.

5. Spread the word to your favourite eateries and restaurants.

6. If you have any bright ideas or stories about how to manage food waste, please let us know by emailing us